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Boutique hotel
Project promotion
Increased the number of direct bookings through the hotel site by 3 times
Project promotion
Increased the number of direct bookings through the hotel site by 3 times
Boutique hotel
What was the strategy?
Our hotel promotion strategy is a step-by-step creation of advertising campaigns
  • Engaging new guests, increasing awareness
  • Increasing the number of site visitors by the target audience
  • Boosting direct bookings on the hotel website
  • Finding and creating new audience segments

Important requirment: advertising costs must be at least 10% of the engaged bookings
What were the goals?
Boutique hotel (4*), located in the cultural and historical center of Moscow
About the project
Brand advertising
The point of brand advertising is to intercept traffic from Booking.com, Trivago, etc. After all, one of the main expense items for the hotel is OTA fees
Russia except Moscow
The average check and booking period are different for these audiences. As statistics show, the residents of Moscow book rooms for a short period. Therefore their average check is lower than that of the second audience.
This division helped us to conveniently distribute the budget and efficiently make adjustments
We divided advertising campaigns by geolocation
Ads creation
The main task is to show customers all the advantages and services of the hotel
What we need to show in Ad
Advantages of the location: close to the subway, beautiful view, close to landmarks, etc.
Quality of service. Many hotels use template offers: «Best Service», «Individual Approach». That's why we decided to highlight the unique features of the hotel in the ads.
We found out that the headline «Official Site» inspires confidence in people about the ad.
General advertising campaigns
The goal is to engage new guests who were looking for hotels near our hotel's location
Khamovniki Hotel
Hotel on Ostozhenka St
We have grouped the audiences by each individual subject
Hotel near Kropotkinskaya Metro Station
Hotel near Park Kultury Metro Station
Moscow center
Spa hotel in the center of Moscow
Ads creation
We used the same algorithm as for brand advertising. The only difference was that the second headline showed the main or the most attractive offer
We were competing not just with aggregators, but with other hotels. That’s why we used the booking price per day - for a hotel in the center of Moscow this is a very attractive offer!
In the benefits we indicated unique features and service, seasonal promotions and offers, promo codes and bonuses
Retargeting and special offers
Retargeting allows you to approach the user with an offer based on their past actions on the site or in the online store.

It can be set up in different ways. We took users who were looking for rooms for certain dates, but for some reason did not make a booking
Ads creation
The visual concept is the heart of the ad. It is very important to pick a good image so that the user wants not only to click on the ad, but also to book a room
These ads were shown on low volumes. At low rates, we got inexpensive traffic of targeted audience
The headline should contain the name of the hotel and a small special offer. The text of the ad can talk about the services and unique features.
Choose either the interior of the room or the exterior of the hotel if it looks attractive. It is advisable to take rooms in the average price segment, so as not to over or underestimate the expectations of the future guests.
All used photos should be the real photos of your hotel
What was the bottom line?
The client wanted the advertising costs to be no more than 10% of the profits. We exceeded the plan for the project and achieved 3.2% of the engaged bookings
Increase site attendance among the target audience
Increase in the number of direct bookings on the hotel website


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