Builder's Day 2022
in Yekaterinburg
We build cities
Builder's Day 2022
in Yekaterinburg
We build cities
What have we done?
  • Highlighted the main segments of the target audience
  • and ran targeted ads
  • Developed a content plan
  • Promoted posts and increased engagement in the group
  • Engage new subscribers to the community with targeted advertising
  • Increase brand awareness and event engagement through promotional posts
What was the task?
Builder's Day is an annual offline event dedicated
to the professional holiday of all construction workers.

The event was organized by ASRO "Guild of Builders of the Urals" in the city of Yekaterinburg.

Spoiler — we managed to gather over 100К participants
About the project
P.S. In this case we talk only about traffic from targeted advertising. Promotion through SMM can be found here:
2. Ordinary city residents who would be interested
in spending Sunday evening on a holiday.

Here we have following sub-segments:
  • City publics subscribers
  • interest "event" in the social network ads cabinet
  • targeting by key keywords
The target audience is local residents of Yekaterinburg aged 17 and older.

The audience was divided into two large segments:

1. Employees of the construction industry (the event included separate events specifically for them)

The results gave the subsegments:
  • former construction graduates
  • subscribers of groups about training and professional development in construction
  • active members of urban groups
  • targeting by key queries
  • targeting at a similar audience (look-a-like)
Goals we set in the first 2 months:
  • gain subscribers to the group
  • increase ER in the community to 4%

We received information about the event from the customer. Building upon this, we identified the target audience segments, developed creatives and wrote texts. Examples of creatives you can see below.

Also, we monitored audience engagement. We changed the topics in the content plan: removed those with little coverage and added new ones.
Running traffic
Interim results
The event was 2 months away and we needed to add motivation to subscribe to the group.

And yes - it was the give away!
Start of the give away
We agreed with the client to give away an electric scooter. One of the conditions of the give away was a subscription. This helped significantly increase the ER and the conversion rate to a subscriber.
Average cost
per subscriber
Growth of subscribers
from June to August
ER growth


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