Money in business:
multiply and save
Money in business:
multiply and save
About the project
How did we get subscribers in Telegram for less than $1?
Another story of successful promotion.

In July 2019, we were approached by a new client — the Telegram channel "Money in business: multiply and save. The customer wanted to gain more subscribers and keep them.
We scrutinized the format of publications on the channel and decided to use text with internal links to the channel. Nothing superfluous – everything is simple, serious and stylish. We have planned test ad-buyings
on channels of related topics: business law, legal cases, accounting, economics, retail.
What have we done?
Starting point
The topic of the channel is quite specific: managerial, financial
and legal audit in business.
Get subscribers to a Telegram channel worth up to 50¢
Project steps
Within 2 weeks, so far so good, the cost per subscriber was up to 30¢. At the end of the stage, a post was published on the channel with a large audience and a potential reach of 86K users. We were prepared to obtain results. However, we received terribly expensive subscribers — $1,6 each. The situation was even more dramatic than before. But we didn't give up and knew exactly what to do
Step four
cost per subscriber
14 days
We started cooperating with 3 sports-themed channels: ‘Ironman’, ‘Triathlon’, ‘Multisport races’. It turned out that it was not for nothing.
In 14 days, we gained another 420 subscribers by 30¢ and 9,221 views.
Step three
cost per subscriber
We have collaborated with both large and small channels — an audience of up to 10K. To speed up the process, we posted publications on several channels simultaneously. We engaged 409 subscribers by 25¢ with ad-buying, during the first 7 days.
7 days
Step one
7 days
We decided to test consistent placements, but we’ve got channels with low conversion. The cost per subscriber has soared to 70¢. A dramatic episode.It took 7 days to work again, but this time we received only 272 subscribers and 13,100 views.
Step two
cost per subscriber
4 days
This time all the placements were parallel. We tested publications with illustrations, but it did not affect the result, so the strategy was initially correct. Within 4 days before the New Year, it turned out to engage 765 subscribers for 40¢. The channel had 43,334 views. We have achieved our goal!
Step five
3640 subscribers came to the channel. The advertising budget was $1700, and the cost per subscriber was 50¢. Within a month after the ad-buying, only 130 users unsubscribed from the channel.
cost per subscriber
unsubscribed users
advertising budget
3 640
Useful conclusions – useful to everyone:
  • It is important to choose channels carefully. It seems that this is obvious, but it is worth reminding about it.
  • Channels with a large audience (from 50К to 100,000К) should cost the advertiser less than 1¢ per participant. Otherwise, you get too expensive subscribers for business topics.
  • Channels with an audience of 3K to 25K are the most active and the most conversion.
  • The most suitable publication placement strategy is consistent. We measure the cost per subscriber within 5 days after publication and summarize the data after each placement.
  • Usually, we published from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Moscow time. But there were 4 cases when publications did not come out on time – and we received additional reach from the channel.


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