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The Real Estate Fair
How we exceeded the engagement plan by 9 times
The Real Estate Fair
How we exceeded the engagement plan by 9 times
The Real Fair is an event in Yekaterinburg, Russia
for everyone who plans to buy accommodation. For two days, the Yeltsin Center hosted master classes from leading experts of the real estate market.

People could communicate with developers, real estate agents, banks representatives, notaries, lawyers
and designers. And what is more, to get free advice regarding all real estate buying questions.
About the project
Who is the target audience?
We selected a vast audience — residents of the Ural Federal District over 20 years old who are interested
in real estate. Then, we divided the audience into segments according to needs to ensure effective performance.
  • Notify city residents about the Fair and engage 3 000 people to the event
  • Moreover, account engagement must be at least 3%
What was the task?
Our solution
Instagram was chosen as the most efficient platform for promotion. Since the event was held for the first time, we started with an empty account.
  • Carefully analyzed the competitors
  • Identified target audiences
  • We took those who would be interested in buying real estate
  • Developed a quiz. This is a landing page that helps to interest the client in a playful way and get his contact information
  • Prepared communities in social media
How did we start the work?
About the content
And also used the engagement mechanics
We added life hacks and useful information
Of course, we did not forget about the Fair's partners
We talked in detail about the event itself and why it is worth visiting
Interim results
And for the first month of work we got excellent results
engagement rate
  • Which documents should people check first when choosing an apartment?
  • How to make sure that the developer fulfills the promises?
  • Is it possible to purchase an apartment completely online?
  • How to get a reduction in the mortgage interest rate?
  • How to effectively design a small apartment?
Not only organic marketing
In the advertising campaign we used the most relevant pains of the audience:
Meanwhile, the situation was heating up
First, Instagram stopped advertising in Russia, and then it got into the list of extremist organizations. Therefore, it was decided to stop posting to this social media.

Where did we teleported the content to? We quickly adapted and transferred all publications to VKontakte, ran a giveaway for a gift certificate in Leroy Merlin and continued to work on this platform.
Event attendance and account engagement plan was overachieved. There is a new Real Estate Fair ahead, which we'll try to announce even cooler!
What was the result?
Let's sum up the result!
Every 10th family that came to the Fair participated in the "Million for apartment" lottery
engagement rate


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