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Work with any digital tasks: design, strategy, and content production
Complex social media promotion
Do our job well
Our core competencies are social media promotion, targeted and contextual advertising, which is confirmed by Google and Facebook Certified partner statuses and our successful cases

Complex digital marketing agency


Tasks that we solve

We prepare a full range of services of customer engagement from social media on a turn-key basis


Community management

We devise launch and management strategy, and prepare a detailed media plan


Increase engagement, turn negative into positive, and stimulate live activity around your brand

Targeted advertising

Study your audience, create bright advertising and regulate customer traffic from social media

Make interesting posts, provide video and photo shoots, create interesting contests and games

Work stages

We use our gained experience to systematize the processes and boost the project’s launch


Competitive analysis

Study your product market, geographical specifics, and, most importantly, your key competitors


Concept and strategy

Using competitive analysis, we develop strategy and concept promotion, highlight the most valuable audience for your target


Write texts, take videos, organize photo shoots, create graphics. We do everything so that your clients see only beautiful and useful content

Content creation


Determine target audience and characteristics for its search. Design and fill up social media accounts following target audience needs

Design and content plan


Interaction with audience

We respond to comments, handle negative and positive feedback, play games, organize contests. We manage reputation and increase engagement.


Project audit

Study your product, specifics and benefits, team, and business processes. That is everything to fully understand what we have to work with

Our approach

We take our work seriously, but in our advertising, we embody energy, vibe, and creativity

Personal vision

Create a bright unique design
We are guided by two principles of design creation: to deliver an advertising message and to be remembered
Develop engaging content
Customers' content can and should fall in love with their product and business. Let customers stay with you for a long time

Define your brand's tone of voice
Tone of voice in marketing allows you to convey values, differ from competitors, and find contact with the audience, speaking the same language
Our priority is to immerse ourselves in client's business tasks, identify growth points, implement solutions, monitor and optimize results. Take a look at our recent projects


Real estate

Pine trees

Generating leads for looking at townhouses in the cottage village «Sosny», Russia

Cost per lead from social media


Cost per view

Videos promotion on Youtube to increase brand and housing development awareness


Cost per lead from Google and Yandex


Cost per lead from social media


Generating leads for buying apartments in the residential estate, delivery term — 2020


RCC Boxing

Promotion of boxing and MMA events in Yekaterinburg and Сhelyabinsk, Russia

Average cost per click


Average customer acquisition cost


Average cost per follower


Promotion of events and services of the Business Support Foundation


Cost per event registration


Promotion of the Russian Export Center events

Russian Export Center

Tochno Pizza

Generating orders for pizza delivery in Russia

Cost per order from Google and Yandex


Cost per order from social media


Targeted followers for 5 months of work


Social Media Followers Acquisition to the restaurant's account

Shrmps + Brgrs


Cost per order from social media

Cost per order from Google and Yandex


Generating leads for pizza and rolls delivery in Russia

Italian Pizza


Promotion of the Telegram channel and Followers Acquisition

New followers


Cost per follower


Cost per Acquisition


Acquisition participants to the Data Science events


Cost per an applicant's CV


Promotion of job offerings and generating applicants to the IT company



Generating prospective students for academy entry in Novosibirsk



Average cost per click



Average cost per click



Generating prospective students for school entry in Moscow


Cost per view

Promotion of a video about the university to increase awareness among prospective students


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Everyone in the team is responsible for a specific part of the project, so we work faster and more productively than a cross-functional internet marketing specialist


ZHENIA — SMM manager
Develops social media and writes fascinating texts
YEGOR — Project manager
Analyzes the market and supervises the teamwork
MATT — Founder
Devises brand promotion strategies
Runs successful contextual advertising
SYOMA — PPC Specialist
Develops social media and writes fascinating texts
NASTIA — SMM manager
LEVON — PPC Specialist
Runs successful contextual advertising
KOSTIA — Targetologist
Brings clients from social media
Brings clients from social media
SLAVA — Targetologist
Analyzes the market and supervises the teamwork
ILIA — Project manager
VOVA — Designer
Generates creatives and turns them into a great visual
TANIA — Designer
Generates creatives and turns them into a great visual
Perform ambitious tasks with us
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